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Wet Wire Drawing Machine

Compared with straight line wire drawing machine, wet wire drawing machine has two notable characteristics. First, in the drawing process, there are varying degrees of relative sliding between the drawing wire and the spool (except finished spool). Second, when the wet wire drawing machine is in operation, wire, spool and wire drawing die are immersed in or be sprayed by cooling lubricating fluid.

Wet wire drawing machine has a broad market for its compact structure, small footprint and high drawing-intensive as well as no torsion in its running time. It is well suited for high speed drawing for good conditions of cooling and lubricating of drawing wires.

Wet wire drawing machine is available for drawing mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and alloys.

Sever types of wet wire drawing machines are provided and each of them has its own features. You can select the right one according to your particular conditions.

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